Gateway Technical College Student Handbook Cover

Created: 05/17/13
Last Edited: 05/17/13
Handbook cover
  • I created this Gateway Technical College Student Handbook cover design in response to an extra credit assignment in my Design and Publishing course in spring 2013. The background layer in this piece is actually a collage I'd crafted in my home studio, combining an assortment of artist's and vintage papers; the collage was scanned for inclusion in the design.
    My decision to include stock photography of students of all ages was inspired by startling statistics I'd compiled in a study of the Gateway brand in my fall 2012 Design Concepts course. I'd discovered that the college very rarely portrays older students (those older than the "traditional" 18-22 age range) in any of its promotional literature, in print or online--despite the fact that the average age of Gateway students is 35. My study stimulated much discussion of this marketing problem, and my instructor has asked me to attend a meeting with college administration and join in the discussion of the issue in the future.

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