Gargalo's Brewery on First Avenue

  • This was a semester-long project to create a fictional company and design a trademark, letterhead, business card, and envelope. The task then was to create a package design and promotional piece relevant to the company's needs.

    I created Gargalo's Brewery on First Avenue, a restaurant and brewery located in downtown Indianapolis.
  • Above are the final trademark, business card, letterhead, and envelope for Gargalo's Brewery.
  • The two images above are of scaled down version of the takeout bag (package design). It was designed so that it serves as a self advertising piece as well as a functional bag.
  • The three images above are of the promotional piece. I chose to design a piece explaining a brief history of the company and include various coupons, special programs and information about spreading the word about Gargalo's using Foursquare.