Gamesa Saladitas - Hispanic Promotions

  • Company:
    Latino Lent season promotion.
    Maximize sales during the product’s (crackers) traditional peak sales season (Lent).
    Create a considerable, impossible-to-miss in-store promotional presence:
    1) Introduce an animated character (Red Snapper chef “Wachi”) to represent the customary
        Lent seafood (typically served on crackers)
    2) Produce a 15’ 3D/ P.O.P. aisle-placement cardboard branded boats filled with hundreds
        of product boxes
    3) Develop all Latino favorite Lenten recipes – all of which utilized saltines or butter crackers
    4) Design three different coupon/recipe booklets as give-away package inserts 
    5) Initiate booklet coupon co-promotions with both internal and external brands
    1) Product unit sales escalated significantly due to largely to recipe/booklet demand. 
    2) Wachi the red snapper chef character was so overwhelmingly successful that it
        was re-used the following year.