Created: 04/11/11
Last Edited: 11/10/12
Student Project
Groundwire is a company that creates sustainable technology solutions for non-profits and other organizations. Created for The Art Director's Club of Metropolitan Washington's Real Show 2010. Honorable Mention, Business Suite
  • Groundwire Rebranding
    Business Suite, Marketing Slick Sheet, and Graphic Standards Guide
  • Groundwire is a company based out of Seattle, Washington who is committed to creating green technology solutions for non-profit companies. The logo represents the technological sustainability by referencing the shapes and lines of a circuit board in a computer, and the shade of green used is meant to look modern and forward while still focusing on the "green" theme. Everything is printed on Neenah Paper's Environmental stock in Desert Storm. 

    Suite won Honorable Mention for The Art Director's Club of Metropolitan Washington's Annual Student Show.

    Existing company—logo, branding concept, design, and implementation by yours truly.

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