GR Live iPod app

Created: 06/03/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
My partner and I were given the opportunity to create an app based upon entertainment. We chose to create GR Live to allow you to search for events in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area and to save these events to your calendar. You would be able to scan your ticket's QR code at the door of the event.
  • GR Live iPod app
  • My partner and I were assigned to create the user interface for a mobile app focused on entertainment in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. We chose to create an app that would allow you to find events in the Grand Rapids area based upon venue or category. The goal was to create an app that was visually appealing, yet functional.

    With the GR Live app you are able to find events by venue and you can save them to your calendar to later use a QR code to scan at the door. This allows for paperless billing and for a faster, more efficient way of acquiring tickets.

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