Created: 04/24/11
Last Edited: 10/01/13
GAIA Seed Company Logo
  • GAIA
    Gaia Seed Logo
  • Mother Earth Gaia is an interesting Greek goddess. More than just being a goddess, she represents primordial power in mythology. The idea behind this name is the creation of a brand that sells packaged seeds. Plants are not only part of our Earth, but also, they are a primordial power in nature. The intention of this brand is to be used in many applications, including packaging for different types of seeds used for planting; sunflower seeds, magnolia seeds, tulip seeds, rose seeds, and others. 
    The logo consists of two simple seeds that when put together, look like leaves, choosing dark brown and green for main colors. These two colors represent Earth in a direct way. The chosen font is a handwritten font, looking elegant and at the same time, playful. 

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