Fynebos Rooibos Tea

    Exotic tea straight from the grower
  • Rooibos tea has many health benefits and recently became popular. The tea is usually purchased by multinational tea companies and mixed with other flavors to attract western consumers. To improve the tea growers' local economy in South Africa, they must market their tea using their own brand. The name Fynebos was chosen because it means “Fine Bush” in Afrikaan, and is easy to remember and understand in English as well. Exotic African motifs are simplify and used subtly around the box with UV spot and Die-Cut techniques. The tea is packaged in raw cotton fabric to give a fresh and authentic feeling to the product.
  • Loose-leaf tea, preferred by tea aficionado, is contained in tight-seal plastic bag, covered with raw cotton fabric. A tea spoon is included for measuring tea.