Frosty Dog Jog

  • Frosty Dog Jog
    A design competition for the Madison Winter Festival
  • My Electronic Illustration Class was given the opportunity to design t-shirts and bandanas for the Frosty Dog Jog, which is part of the Madison Winter Festival. We where limited to two pantone colors, wherein I used a black and an orange. I also wanted to explore the design solution in a way that I hadn't before, which was mainly type based. You don't know if you can do something unless you try! I also wanted to focus on the "frosty" aspect, this takes place in February, so I thought what better way to indicate temperature than a thermometer. But one of those old fashioned thermometers, the kind your grandfather had outside his back door or on the barn. I then went for retro fonts and just had fun with it.
    Once the design was completed by the whole class, our work was posted on facebook and voted on by those who liked the Madison Winter Festival. There where so many wonderful designs, I was honored to come in 4th. My class mates really kicked some serious ass.
  • T-shirt design.
  • Bandana take one.
  • Bandana take two, with the overly dominant circle element.
  • Bandana, the final design.
  • The bandana design on a bandana... a novel idea.