Froothies Fruit Smoothies

Created: 03/16/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Concept, identity and package design for Froothies, a new line of fruit smoothies.
  • Froothies Fruit Smoothies
    Packaging conceptualization, logos, branding and advertising for a new product
  • Concept, identity, package design and advertising campaign with copywriting for Froothies, a conceptual line of fruit smoothies.
    Froothies are an energetic new line of fruit juices and smoothies for the health conscious yet busy consumer. The identity was built to convey the use of pure fruit and no added ingredients, and also convey a carefree and funloving personality.
    The package design makes use of Tetra Pak technology and is a new way of looking at smoothie packaging. The Tetra Pak technology allows for products to have a longer shelf life (refrigeration not required for a period of several months) as well as ensures freshness to the consumer if refrigeration is not available.
    The design itself conveys a fun, lively and active product and also helps Froothies to be noticed on the shelf. Uncomplicated, enlarged photos of fruit and bright, cheerful type combined with the vibrant, colorful sunray lines draw the viewer in.
  • Logo design
  • Logo for Umbrella Foods, the parent company of Froothies.
  • Outline photography of physical package. Photography by Marilyn Indahl.
  • Lifestyle shot of Froothies.
  • Outdoor advertising - Billboard

    This campaign plays up the advantage of having Froothies on the go, and incorporates a product feature. Rip N' Sip allows for you to just rip off the end and drink the Froothie directly from the container.
  • Outdoor advertising - Bus board.
  • Concurrent ads for placement in Better Homes & Gardens magazine. The campaign consists of three half-page vertical ads that appeal to the convenience of taking a break from your busy or hectic life to enjoy a Froothie.

    Photos courtesy of BigStock, product shots by Marilyn Indahl.
  • Sunday circular coupon.

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