Fritto Misto Italian Cafe

  • Fritto Misto
    Branding and Packaging for Italian Cafe
  • This is a fictitious branding project for Fritto Misto, an Italian restaurant located in Santa Monica. The hypothetical story is that they want to expand their business by selling pasta sauce and noodle directly to consumers. The new package design reflects the fact that these products are made fresh in a local kitchen, not from a factory. All illustrations are hand drawn in wood print style, and printed on watercolor textured paper.  Pasta noodle is wrapped in specially designed paper and hand labelled with a sticker to reflect the home-made feeling.
  • Hand-drawn illustration in wood print style.
  • Small packet of herb is attached to the lid.
  • Seal style logo for the signature sauce lid.
  • Fritto Misto has many usual customers for lunch from business around the area. This lunch bag will help reminding them to come and buy lunch from their new deli section.
  • Paper bag for carrying pasta and sauce bought from the shop
  • Fresh pasta packed fresh per order using paper wrap.
  • The wrap design features woodprint of ingredients for making fresh pasta noodle.