Freescale i.MX 6

Created: 06/14/11
Last Edited: 10/08/13
We created this video for Freescale Semiconductor's presence at Computex 2011 in Shanghai.
  • Freescale i.MX 6

    We created this video for Freescale's presence at Computex this year in Shanghai. We started with their tagline "Your interface to the world" and pitched a first person "POV" style shoot to illustrate all the different applications there are for the new line of processors.

    After doing research and tests with several POV HD cameras (GoPro, Countour, VIO) we settled on the new VIO POV HD camera because we found the image quality to be superior. We went through 4 different cameras unfortunately, as they appear to be still working out the kinks, but successfully captured the footage we needed.

    Post production was pretty intense, as we knew it would be starting 3 weeks before the show. Almost all of the shots were run through syntheyes, or mocha pro, or both, depending on what we were inserting into the scene and what device screens needed to be replaced. Working with the extreme fisheye of the POV style HD cameras required a fairly involved workflow of undistorting the footage, which created a base plate twice the size of 1080p footage, tracking the footage in both Syntheyes and Mocha, creating all of the 2D / 3D graphics and then finally inverting the distortion on the master comp to return the source footage to it's original state and introducing fisheye to all of the post fx / graphics. We wrapped everything up doing the sound design / audio editing and mixing in house.

    You always wish you had more time and we would have preferred dropping a few of the scenes to cut the length, but in the end we are super happy and proud with how things turned out and so were our clients over at Freescale.

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