Free Advice Fridays

  • Free Advice Fridays
    Poster and flyer for a local event series
  • Working for the Creative Coast in Savannah, I was asked to create a poster and flyer to advertise a series of events they were hosting that were taking place the first friday each month, where visitors could stop by the office and ask for advice, for free.
    Naming it 'Free Advice Fridays', I came up with the initial concepts of either using a maze with a question mark as the key visual — until I was shown a project by Steff Geissbuehler, that used this idea in a brilliant way —, showing silhouettes engaged in a conversation or a to use text as texture. As the idea was to make the exchange of information the main aspect of the events, and not to make it about the people giving the advice, I created a texture using the 5 question words in a repetitive pattern. 
    The posters and flyers were distributed across Savannah. An additional sidewalk advertising board was designed as well.
  • The poster is A3 format and uses the Creative Coast's colors and their standard type to tie the event in with the rest of their material
  • Front and back of the flyer
  • One of the posters hanging at the Creative Coast office