Fr. Ted's 10K

  • University of Notre Dame
  • From the Notre Dame Trio Program's website:
    The purpose of the Trio Programs is to serve and be an advocate for primarily low-income and first generation students from South Bend and the surrounding community. We assist students to successfully graduate and enroll into post-secondary institutions.

    The Trio Program sponsors an annual race on the campus of Notre Dame as a fundraiser. To promote the event and increase attendance, they wanted an identity and suite of promotional materials. I designed the logo for the race, which was nick-named "Fr. Ted's 10K" in honor of Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, who established Trio during his presidency at Notre Dame. With my creative director, I designed a poster, informational pamphlet, registration brochure, and T-shirt. Race day attendance was great and interest in this year's race has increased. It was a great honor and personal accomplishment when I ran my first 5K at this event last year.

    Marketing Communications
    University of Notre Dame