Created: 12/29/08
Last Edited: 12/04/12
While I was in Denmark I had an opportunity to see some really amazing places. One of the most striking aspects about Denmark and most specifically Copenhagen was the fusion of old and new. Opulent and minimalistic architecture really set the city apart from any other place I’ve visited.
  • Beautiful vespas. 
  • The doorway into an observatory that Christian the 4th built.
  • Guard outside parliment building.
  • Bike lane on Hans Christian Anderson Blvd. A beautiful and busy place. 
  • Nyhavn. A beatuiful place to walk and enjoy wonderful food.
  • Everyone rides their bike in Denmark. Outside the train station in Copenhagen.
  • The infamous little mermaid statue. 
  • The castle which was Shakespeare's inspiration for writing Hamlet.
  • An ancient cemetery gate in Roskilde.

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