Foster Care Recruitment Brand

  • Foster care Recruitment Brand
    St. Aemilian-Lakeside, Milwaukee Wisconsin
  • The state changed the foster parent certification and case management processes in January of 2012. This lead to a sudden, greater demand for St. Aemilian-Lakeside foster parents.

    To promote recruitment and differentiate St. Aemilian's efforts from their competitors, I developed a brand that drew from elements of childhood happiness and the desire to provide safe and stable environments for children in need.

    A combination of cheery colors, historical ties that show the agency's longevity and dedication, and circus inspired elements that grew out of the desire to reference a happy, child-friendly experience that represents the innocence of childhood and youth has resulted in an almost 300% increase in applications.
  • Original cover of the Foster Care recruitment brochure
  • developed to address specific needs and concerns of LGBTQ community members
  • recruitment folder
  • bi-monthly newsletter; 8-12 pages, utilizes digital varnish technology
  • Patches were developed using the new GROW HOPE treatment as a reference to patches that might be earned as a child in scouts or other activities.
  • A new GROW HOPE type treatment that makes reference to child and adult relationships and love; replaced the old treatment that used flowers as a visual