Fort McPherson Pen and Ink Drawings

Created: 06/06/11
Last Edited: 09/21/13
Pen and ink drawings of historic buildings at Fort McPherson Army base, Atlanta, Georgia. Commissioned by the U.S. Army.
Project Info
  • Historic Fort McPherson
    pen and ink drawings of Historic Staff Row 
  • I was commissioned by the U.S. Army at Fort McPherson to create a series of pen and ink drawings of Staff Row, and other buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Following is a sampling of those pieces. The original commission was for 12 drawings, which were also made into limited edition prints and note cards. The original drawings are hanging within each of the respective buildings. Subsequently I created several pen and ink drawings for individuals who were living on Staff Row and wanted a remembrance of their home before leaving for another assignment. Unfortunately I didn't scan them before delivering the finished original.
  • Quarters 1
  • Quarters 5
  • Quarters 10
  • Quarters 20
  • Quarters 15
  • Recreation Center(former Red Cross hospital, built in the shape of a cross)

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