Forest Park Rebrand

    Forest Park is one of St. Louis’ finest tourist attractions. Site of the 1904 World’s Fair, this state park is close to our city’s heart. That being said, its signage and wayfinding systems are as dated as the history that surrounds the park. The maps and directional signage in the park are confusing, poorly lit, and displayed carelessly.

    Our team was assigned to rebrand the park’s entire identity and wayfinding system. The workload was divided up evenly between the team members. My biggest contribution was to the building signage, a big issue within the park and its many attractions.
    Brooke Armbruster (art director)
    Patrick Milford
    Vasana Hill
    Erica Thompson
  • Main logo
  • Secondary logos
  • Forest Park West directional signage
  • Forest Park East directional signage
  • Hampton entrance signage
  • Skinker entrance signage