Department of Defense FVS-Embassy System

Created: 04/07/13
Last Edited: 06/14/14
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  • About This System
    The Foreign Visits System - Embassy (FVS-E) is a case management system that supports collaborations between the Department of Defense, Department of State, and Foreign Embassies in the Washington, DC area. This system is intended to ensure regulation of industry export activities is effective, efficient, and expedient.
    About This Project
    This project saw the conversion and upgrade of this system from a legacy desktop client / server application to a modern web application. As a technical lead for this project, I provided guidance and support for the design and development of this web application's user experience (UX). 
    Project Challenges
    During this project's period, web technology emphasized a page navigation model vs. interacting with desktop application user interface components. The application's UX needed to follow design patterns found in familiar desktop applications to ensure legacy users were provided with a familiar experience, and reduce the time required for training new users. Ensuring this system's conversion and upgrade didn't risk adoption among its legacy users required rethinking web technology and overcoming many technical challenges.
    Technical Details
    This web application was implemented with the Microsoft .Net MVC framework, creating the opportunity for parallel team development. As technical lead for the application's View, I selected the relatively new ExtJS framework for expediting the design and development of user interface components, supporting user interface state management, and ensuring compliance with Section 508 accessibility requirements. ExtJS was further enhanced with custom graphics to support a unique, branded experience.

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