Foreign Affairs Condoms

Created: 01/10/13
Last Edited: 01/10/13
A condom brand designed to reach three target demographics.
  • Designed for college students studying abroad their junior or senior years, Foreign Affairs condoms caters to whatever adventures come their way. Durable for travel, these containers are made of tin with a secured plastic lid that fits perfectly in any suitcase or duffle bag.
    To reach this target audience the condoms are designed to be sophisticated (as these students are a little older and more mature whilst representing the USA) while also be very fun with some sexual puns. On the back of each flag on the top of the container says "cheers" in each of the languages, while the bottom of the front label says "enjoy" in each of the languages. On the inside of each container is a label where a new saying is revealed each time the level of condoms goes down. The condom wrappers also boast of sexual puns on famous landmarks.

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