• Food for Thought
    Indiana Humanities Council / Indiana's Family of Farmers
  • Food for Thought is an exhibit dedicated to the food culture of Indiana. It will travel throughout the state in 2010 and 2011, stopping at festivals, events, and fairs (including the Indiana State Fair). 
    Design credits: Courtney Kuhstoss, Jahana Bilal, Jessica Morgan, and Amanda Parks.
    Production credit: The Exhibit House
  • Logo design comp. (was not chosen for implementation)
  • Jar wall idea sketch.
  • Exhibit sketch.
  • Exhibit entryway.
  • Indiana jar wall (where visitors can learn about local food festivals, events, and businesses throughout Indiana).
  • Story core (front) (where visitors can add to the conversation by sharing their own food stories).
  • Story core (back)
  • Towers (where visitors can learn about modern food practices and concerns).
  • Hoosier Cabinet (where visitors can learn about Indiana food history).