Fluxus Exhibit Package

  • Fluxus Exhibit Package
    This exhibit promotion system deals with the central Fluxus ideas of audience-as-performer and chance. The entire exhibit experience is based upon the audience taking part in the show. The invitation is sent upon receipt of an rsvp card the recipient must sign. The actual invitation is composed of a package containing a flashlight within which the exhibit notes are rolled up. The guest is requested to take this flashlight to the opening, at which they will search for their signed card in a large assemblage in a darkened space. The package contains the rsvp mailers, the invitations, tickets, an exhibit catalogue, and a media package featuring Fluxus music and films.
    One of the major inspirational forces behind Fluxus was John Cage, an avant-garde composer. Chance was a major foundation upon which Cage composed much of his music. One of the systems he employed was the I-Ching, an ancient Chinese oracle which can be used to generate random sequences of numbers. To reflect chance in the structure and composition of the pieces, I also employed the I-Ching. For example, the structure and design of the exhibit catalogue is entirely driven by chance. The chance derived visual rhythm is carried throughout the book, determining where elements lie within the format. Chance rhythms extend throughout all elements within the package.