Flower Factory Redesign

  • Flower Factory Redesign
    To rebrand a local company that was in need of an update
  • For my final project in my Graphic Design class we got the opportunity to work with a partner, so I was very lucky to work on this entire project with my friend Stacie Kratky. We chose the option of rebranding a local plant nursery. Our first step was to visit the location. While we where walking around the nursery, we noticed these lovely metal sculptures, one of which looked like a sun flower. We both saw it and realized that that could easily be the logo. It combines the nature and the industry that the name 'Flower Factory' embodies.

    After we got the logo and the type nailed down, we went a little overboard. But once we had the letterhead, an ad, a catalog, a van wrap and uniforms all just fell into place. This design came easier than any design I think I've ever done. If it was the collaboration or the fact we shared a very clear vision, I can't be sure, but I love this work.

  • The finished logo with the angular type complemented by the script below.
  • Stationary system with the business card having it's own little bag, like flowers do! Also, the Victorian lattice was taken from their house on the site.
  • Catalog in earth friendly cardboard stock or vibrant orange.
  • Easily identifiable staff uniforms and a handy apron, for staff or customer, as well as a lovely van.