Five Borough Academy

Created: 10/03/13
Last Edited: 10/10/13
Five Borough Academy is the new name for the GED Plus program in District 79, of the NYC Dept of Ed. The name change intention is to give the program more prestige given the services which they provide are much more than just high school equivalency diploma test preparation. Since this covers the five boroughs of NYC, the district wanted something that reflected an academy for 'one city'.
  • Primary logo
  • This is the primary logo for the academy, but thinking ahead for alternate cases when horizontal space may be at a premium, I also created a more vertical aligning logo.
  • The other prevailing thought for this logo was for flexibility and modularity given how the academy is set up.  While the notion of 'one-city' was paramount, each individual borough had control over running their programs to fit the individual needs of thier constituents. So I used the individual color and boxes as ways the boroughs could make it their own. I also ensured their were 'alternate' versions in case horizontal space became an issue.
  • I also went one step further in the use of the squares to create an icon set, which seemed a natuural extension.  These were the initial versions, and the academy had the 'pieces' to make their own.

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