Fish Bowl App

  • This app was designed during the first Evernote Hackathon at Cal Poly.
    Collaborated with designers (Ali Albiani and Kevin DeBoer) and developers to prototype the interface of a mobile app called, Fish Bowl, for the Cal Poly Kennedy Library. Given 24 hours to develop and pitch a visual design.
    Fish Bowl Goal
    Redesign existing reservation system for library collaboration rooms, and provide a central hub for study groups to collaborate and share notes before and during the study session.
    Reservation system will be completely automated, eliminating manual entry inefficiency.
    The event hub allows you to:
    • Send invites to study partners
    • Add study session to calendar programs
    • Setup alerts and reminders
    • Share notes, documents, and other resources
    Awarded the Cal Poly Library Innovation Prize Sponsored by the Robert E. Kennedy Library.