Hispanic Promotions for Fingerhut

  • Company:
    Hispanic pre-approved $400 credit line promotion.
    Establish a Hispanic merchandise catalog cover to attract more customers than previous treatments, encouraging the target audience to spend instant funds on Fingerhut catalog merchandise (and simultaneously build a credit history/higher credit limits). 
    Replace previous figurative visual approaches with a literal design concept to 
    eliminate potential target audience confusion with specific design strategies:
    1) Make the credit card image the cover hero to show a concrete representation
        of the credit concept
    2) Personalize the credit card cover image with the catalog recipient’s name
    3) Introduce a gift box icon to indicate that first-time purchasers earn a free 
         Fingerhut “gift”
    4) Establish Hispanic catalog cover visual brand elements to best
        connect with Hispanics:
    • Clean Fingerhut banner
    • Blue and red two-color execution
    • Credit card image
    • Gift icon
    5) Develop an English language catalog version for recipients requesting
         the language preference
    • The catalog cover achieved a dramatically higher response rate than any
       previous design execution.
    • Fingerhut adopted, and consistently utilized, the new cover visual
       brand elements.