Created: 09/11/12
Last Edited: 11/22/12
My contribution to The Dead Words project.
  • Findible
    My Contribution to The Dead Words Project
  • Recently I was asked by Karen To, the creator of The Dead Words Project to draw a word for the site. The purpose of the site is taking words that are no longer used in today's everyday language and illustrating them so that the definitions are drawn within the word. I was very excited to be a part of this project and below was the process of my word, Findible.

  • The first step was to draw everything out. I started with a general shell of all the letters for placement and such and then added in detail first in black and white then layering in the color.
  • Once the image was scanned into Photoshop I used the blur and smudge tools to smooth out the crust and berries. I also used my brushes as well to paint in some new details and texture on the crust.
  • Detailed Shot
  • The pie server was actually an after thought so I just free-handed that on my Wacom tablet. I also added in the inner and drop shadows to the pie to show contrast as well as light source. At one point I did have a layer with crumbs and oozed-out pie filling but I prefered it to be more clean.
  • Finished project! to check out more Dead Words and see mine on the actual website click here.

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