Filberts Soda Rebranding

Created: 04/13/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
Rebranding for Filberts soda labels.

Filbert’s produces 24 flavors of soda. The company started at the turn of the century when George Filbert and family delivered milk, ice and coal to homes in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago by horse-drawn wagon. The famous Root Beer was added in 1926 and expanded into various other flavors in the early 90’s.

The issues I wanted to address in this rebranding was that the "Filberts" name was hard to read on the bottle as well as the many different font choices being used in their additional flavors. Overall I wanted to make the brand a more cohesive collection while not straying too far from the look and feel of the brand. Speaking to the owner Ron Filbert on the phone, I took notes on what was important about the brand and based my strategy on maintaing a fun, personal, Filberts experience for consumers.
Project Info
  • spec.
  • New Labels 
  • OLD labels,  many different fonts for flavors, Logo difficult to read, overall a bit confusing. 

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