Figment Art Festival Rebranding

Created: 02/02/10
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Figment, an annual art and culture festival in New York City, needed to establish a brand identity that would capture the creative spirit of their event. They approached MSLK to produce a new creative yet consistent and recognizable brand identity.
    Figment Art Festival
    ChallengeFigment, an annual art and culture festival in New York City, reinvented their promotions and visual image each year to accommodate the varying artist submissions. Previously, board members had been wary of defining the festival’s brand in fear that it would outshine the artwork. The challenge was to rebrand the festival by balancing the concept of unbridled creativity with a consistent and recognizable identity that captured the creative spirit of their event. 
    StrategyMSLK recognized that a year was a long time to expect the public to remember a brand. As a result, our strategy was to create a consistent and iconic vessel that was recognizable in form but flexible enough to accommodate the annual creativity. This solution would then be extended across all media and uniquely promote the event year after year.
    DesignThe name and participatory nature of the festival made the visual of a thought bubble a natural fit. This icon would serve as a structured and consistent vessel that could be filled with new content corresponding to the annual theme each year. The design solution evolved into a brand experience as it was extended across promotional materials such as posters, t-shirts, postcards, signage and online.
    SuccessMSLK was able to successfully unify the 15-person executive board and create an identity that provided structure and room for creative expression. In addition, art submissions and event promoters alike increased 200% from the previous year, and attendance for the event was up 30%. The success of the thought bubble was further evident at the event, where the shape was incorporated into a variety of media and additional promotional materials by renegade artists. 

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