Festive Entertaining

Created: 12/10/12
Last Edited: 06/10/13
Completed comprehensive design and launch of Festive Entertaining interactive digital cookbook, powered by The Arizona Republic, 12 News and azcentral.com.

Made and completed all design decisions for the cookbook including layout design, typeface selection, color palette, logo, user experience and interactive elements. Also assisted in backend building of the app using iTunes Connect.

All design is performed on the Adobe DPS Platform using InDesign.

Download in the iTunes app store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/festive-entertaining/id578424290?mt=8
  • Powered by The Arizona Republic, Festive Entertaining is your holiday guide for delightful recipes. Made with Adobe DPS.
  • Local chefs and a mixolLocal chefs and a mixologist shared with us their favorite recipes.igist shared with us their favorite recipes.

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