Feminism in the World Today

Created: 03/03/11
Last Edited: 11/19/12
A friend of mine is the President of Feminist Voice at the University of Notre Dame and she approached me to do this project. While gender relations on campus can be a bit rocky, my friend thought it would be beneficial for students to understand the idea of feminism, both what it is and what people think it is. Many times when people think of feminists, they think of angry, men-hating women. However, she asked professors from different fields to speak on a panel of their experiences with feminism and how they relate to the larger narrative of female rights both on campus and in the world.
  • Feminism in the World Today
    A Discussion Panel
  • This is advertisement for a discussion panel at the University of Notre Dame on the different perspectives of feminism, featuring Notre Dame professors from different fields. They talked about their definitions of feminism and how each field relates to feminism in the world today.

    I also made table tents with 6 different messages as additional advertisement for the event. Each of the table tents takes a stereotype or myth of feminism and discusses the reality of that stereotype or myth.

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