Felix Band Social Media Campaign & CD Cover

Created: 10/03/12
Last Edited: 11/14/12
I created this campaign for a band I made up with my friends called Felix. Included are a CD gatefold insert, promotional poster, profile picture, Google Plus banner, Twitter banner and background, Facebook cover photo, Spotify Ad, and Youtube background.

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  • Felix Band CD Cover & Social Media Campaign

     I designed this CD cover in Spring 2012 for a band I made up with my friends called Felix, meaning "Lucky." I designed the logo and Social Media Campaign this Fall to correlate with the CD cover and to promote the release of Felix's first album "The Color Theory."
  • CD Cover for Felix Band
  • Gatefold CD insert for Felix Band's Album "The Color Theory"
  • Promotional Poster
  • Profile Picture for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus
  • Google Plus Banner
  • Screen Shot of Felix Band's Google Plus
  • Facebook Timeline Cover Photo
  • Scree shot of Felix Band's Facebook Page
  • Twitter banner using pattern made from the 7 in Felix's logo
  • Twitter background
  • Screen shot of Felix Band's Twitter 
  • Spotify Ad
  • Youtube Background

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