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  • Feinberg Consulting
    Branding + Identity System
  • Feinberg Consulting is a global business and program development firm that creates and implements innovative capacity-building programs and strategies. The firm serves the private sector, nonprofits, universities, government agencies, and NGOs. The firm acts as a catalyst by developing strategic cross-sectoral, cross-institutional, and cross-cultural partnerships to achieve goals and further missions.

    Feinberg Consulting asked Justin Clapp Graphic Design to design and implement their brand identity. Beginning with background information and independent research, we observed many connections between the work and mission of the firm and numerous systems-based philosophical frameworks.

    The concept of the Feinberg Consulting identity is based upon the idea of Synergetics, put forth by Buckminster Fuller, an inventor, engineer, and futurist. Synergetics is a cross-disciplinary framework that differentiates and relates all aspects of reality: the ideal and physically realized, the container and contained, the one and many, the human microcosm and universal macrocosm. Everything is connected as a system, from the quantum level to the cosmic. Synergetics follows the cosmic logic of the structural strategies of nature, using the tetrahedron as its unit of volume.