• Album art/design | 5.5" x 5" card stock CD case | February 2011

    Singer/songwriter and good friend of mine, Paul Otteson, released an album in early 2011. He commissioned me to create the album art and design.
  • The cover image is based off the story of the Two Travelers and the Bear. The story is as follows:

    Two travelers were in the woods when they are approached by a bear. One traveler immediately climbs a tree while the other one plays dead. The bear approaches the traveler on the ground. From the trees the second traveler thinks he sees the bear whisper something into his companion's ear. After the bear leaves he asks his companion on the ground what it was the bear said to him. His companion replies, "He advised me to never travel with a friend who will desert you at the first approach of danger."

    I wanted capture the folk feel of the story. To do this I drew in a style reminiscent of wood cuts. The entire illustration was done digitally using a Wacom tablet.
  • The decision was made to leave the album title and author on the binding to so that the cover is treated more as handmade artwork than a typical cover. 
  • Foot prints in the snow are a reoccurring motif. In this case the pair of travelers.
  • And the bear's.