"Fear" Printmaking Series

FIELDS:Fine Arts
Created: 10/02/12
Last Edited: 02/08/13
For my printmaking 2 class last fall, I had to create a series of four prints focused around a single theme. I was allowed to use whatever method of printing I felt best suited my chosen theme.

I wanted to explore different kinds of fear. I depicted ideas and objects that commonly cause fear. By depicting these fears (whether they are from something real or imagined), I expressed the distortion of reality that phobias can make people see. Fear is a universal emotion, yet it can take on an infinite of number of shapes and sizes. Everyday objects can become menacing, and the relatively harmless things become malicious.
  • "What Waits in the Dark" Monotype.¬†
  • "Serpent" Reductive Linocut. Run of 10.
  • "Confinement" ¬†Etching. Run of 5
  • "The Basement" Monotype.

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