Family Reunion Invitation

  • Carter Family Reunion Invitation
    Audience / Family and friends 
    Components / Invitation and website 
    Purpose / Create an invitation to an overdue reunion of friends and family. 

    My family don’t get together as often as we should but when we do, It’s a gathering 
    typically involving a grill. At our gatherings, we play sort of a game of “What will you bring”, 
    a kind of potluck style gathering. The invitation invites family and friends to bring their signature 
    foods, stories and memories to the reunion. To accompany the reunion experience, family and 
    friends would be able to RSVP digitally. //

  • Each letter was individually custom carved 
    from Linoleum to establish a hand crafted feel 
    or a homemade characteristic.

  • Story behind the Squirrel
    Schools out for the summer and the pavement is steaming from the humidity. The kids on our street were playing hopscotch, jumping rope, riding bikes and buying ice cream from the Good Humor Ice Cream truck. My dad finished cutting the grass and decided to light the grill. 

    My mom called a few friends to come by and eat with us. Andrea, Tasha and I heard our mom call us to come to the back yard. She asked if we could guess what the meat was that my dads friend Phil brought to go on the grill. We were clueless. Meanwhile, mom started bringing side dishes while dad was tending to all the meat. When, all of it was cooked we sat down at our picnic table. Dad cooked ribs, burgers, brats and of course the peculiar looking meat that Phil brought which turned out to be Squirrel. It was curled up, greasy and smelled terrible. I looked over my shoulder for our dogs, Butch and Buddy whom was starring at us. And, I tossed it to them, they sniffed and pawed at it and walked away. I, laughed.The next morning the meat was still out where the dogs left it. So I picked it up and throw it away in the garbage can. 

    Later that week Phil came by and asked me, " How did I like the squirrel". I replied, " It was nothing like I ever had before". 

    The End.