Familial Breast Cancer Program Logo and Branding

Created: 02/29/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
This is a branding project I did for the Familial Breast Cancer Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I designed the logo and marketing materials for the program.
Project Info
Kim Vande Wydeven
  • This logo design was initially created for the Familial Breast Cancer Program's marketing materials.  However, due to changes in the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System's branding standards, the program had to discontinue use of this logo in March of 2012.
  • FBCP Logo Design
    This design was created in September 2011 for the Familial Breast Cancer Program at the University of Illinois. The group offers advice and information to patients that are at risk for breast cancer.  In the design, I combined a DNA double helix with the ubiquitous pink ribbon.
  • FBCP Envelopes and Letterhead 
    I was also asked to create an envelope and letterhead design for the program's correspondence with patients.  This was the final design.
  • FBCP Business Card Design
    This was my proposed business card design for the Familial Breast Cancer Program.  My name is entered as an example.
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