Fall 2011 Senior Student Work

  • Fall 2011 Senior Student Work
    Corporate Identity System - A Parody
  • The visual identity of a corporation must communicate an accurate message to the public about the nature of the business and the attributes of the corporation. The corporate identity (symbol/signature) is the building block of a successful corporate identity system. Designers may be faced with the dilemma of being asked to design an identity for a corporation they feel may be less than admirable. Students were asked to choose a topic they found objectionable, study it and twist it to make the concept so absurd or ridiculous that it becomes a parody. Then, the students were to design an identity that gives a positive reflection to their corporation, product or service. This identity was then used to develop a complete identity system including: stationary, web site, iPhone app., signage, and two additional 3D applications or advertisements. An identity systems manual was also designed.
  • Student Designer, Cory Witt:

    Tikefights is a children's UFC, cage fighting or mixed martial arts style fighting organization. Theorganization will pit young children against each other in an extreme,no-holds-barred fight, resulting in a submission or knockout. As soon
    aschildren are physically capable of inflicting injury on other children, theycan participate, resulting in classes for
    children 6-9 months and up.

  • Student Designer, Allie White:
    Kid Console is a company who is dedicated to freeing parents of their responsibilities by creating a product that can entertain, discipline, and teach children for parents and teachers. The virtual video game is never removed, and will do everything for adults. The four basic modes include Learn, Eat, Play, and Sleep, so adults will never need to interact with children again. 
  • Student Designer, Brandon Alvarado

    e•hance is for consumers who seek perfection in various aspects of their lifestyle, personality, or physical appearance. Theconcept for the parody is a company that offers the competitive /insecure/lazyconsumer the ability to improve himself/herself. Rather than having thecustomer work and spend money tokeep up with trends and buy the latest products, the company simply replacesthem with a new persona, a hand-selected alter-ego that fills in their dailyroles: jobs, shopping, parties, dates, etc. The customer can stay home and outof sight while the fill-in acts as a better person.
  • Student Designer, Jackie Lehmann:

    Queen Bee

  • Student Designer, Natalie Quenzer:

    Shady Acres Exclusive Retirement Community is such a selective program that its residents and employees are the only ones permitted on the grounds. This as a way for children to empower their elderly loved ones, as it keeps them from losing their independence. There is no need to visit, because the family can "check in" on their loved ones and keep track of their vital statistics via an iPhone app.
  • Student Designer, Valerie LeMaster:
  • Student Designer, Cory Witt: tikefights

    Above is the letterhead, envelope and business card for tikefights
    The following 5 pages illustrate the complete corporate identity system. 
  • Banner System; Vehicle graphics
  • Website
  • Third screen of website, iPhone app
  • iPhone app screens
  • tikefights diaper/trunks
  • Student Designer, Allie White: kidconsole
    Above is the letterhead, envelope and business card for kidconsole. The following 7 pages illustrate the complete corporate identity system.
  • Student Designer, Brandon Alvarado: e•hance

    The following 7 pages illustrate the complete e•hance corporate identity system.