Faces of Franklin Square

Created: 02/03/12
Last Edited: 11/26/13
A small informative book explaining the stories of the residents of Franklin Square in Savannah, GA.
  • The Faces of Franklin Square
    Telling the untold
  • Based in Savannah, Georgia, this book delved deeper into the lives of the residents of Franklin "Hobo" Square. I went and conducted written and video recorded interviews with the men who reside there, also doing additional research on the square. Oddly enough, this is a very neglected square, not shown, talked or written about by any of the tour companies in the area. My goal was to promote education about the square, but more importantly the people who made the square notorious for being "Hobo Square" and find out how this one small section of Savannah became residence to so many people from all over the country. All photos shot by myself over a span of one week, majority at 6 am for color enhancement (see panoramic gate fold).
  •  Embossed cover
  • Emboss detail
  • Gouche's story
  • Center Panoramic Gate Fold

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