• fused hockey equipment

    What started off as a routine class assignment, transformed into a great project. The name of the assignment was "Action Verb Typography". We were asked to take an action verb and then using typography, make the letter do as it says. First I explored the expected verbs; towering, accelerate, and jump. These were just as I said before; expected. The I decided to hit the dictionary.

    fused (fyüzd) v. 1. to become liquid under the action of heat; melt.

    From there the logo type was born; and then laid dormant in a binder on my desk for quite some time. Fast forward to Fall 2012 in a new design class. My professor says he wants to see some of our old work. I threw in this just for the heck of it; and he like it. It said take it somewhere. After playing hockey for 14 years, my mind wondered strait here. 

    These are a compilation of print advertisements and collateral surrounding my hockey equipment brand, fused.