F.I.T. Senior Thesis : "Caffeine Fix"

  • "The Caffeine Fix"
    Senior Thesis for B.F.A at Fashion Institute of Technology 2008
  • We live in a time period where a vast number of people believe in solving problems by the quickest and easiest way; however, there is never a quick solution and those individuals wind up facing heavy consequences. Caffeine is one of people’s effortless answers for instant energy,  mood enhancement, and certain health problems. For my thesis, I am attempting to exploit how caffeine contributes to problems. Caffeine should be regulated by the FDA so as to make people aware of the consequences.—Senior Thesis at Fashion Institute of Technology [B.F.A. selected for showcase in FIT Museum]

    Note for Art History Buffs* Would like for you to figure out the homage to the caffeine portrait.
    Welcome comments for guesses! :)