Created: 03/04/13
Last Edited: 04/23/13
A project based on a fictional website titled "". A fishing greared travel site for Seneca Lake.
  • FISHSENECA.COM is a class project for designing a Website for one of the eleven Finger Lakes. We could choose any Finger Lake we wanted, could base it off of a general travel website or give it a specific use. I chose to do mine on fishing at Seneca Lake. My aim was towards the everyday "outdoorsman" and people of any shape, size or age who enjoy fishing using visually appealing yet strong graphics.
    We started by creating a logo and ultimately setting the brand for our website.
  • Rough sketch for logotype. Tightened up and set with various type faces. 
  • After a face was chosen, I began to incorporate colors and textures. 
  • I ultimately went with the wood grain texture to emulate more of an outdoors feel. 
    I used an "outdoorsy" palate of blues and greens. I used a strong compliment to really give the site more power, interest and visual appeal. All icons, banners, and "stickers" were created individually to give it a more cohesive feel. After creating the stickers I once more changed the typeface of my logo to better match the feel of the typography of the stickers. 

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