Expressions in Typography

  • Typographic design/photography | 17" x 22" photographs | November 2011

    This photo series is a further typographic exploration using vinyl type and applied across various planes and surfaces.
  • Worlds Within Worlds - Vinyl shot through three different layers of glass.
  • Captive - Vinyl set in a fishing line web. Shot using a long exposure while zooming in.
  • Growth - Vinyl layered upon plant life.
  • Scab - Vinyl placed on brick.
  • Fracture - Vinyl set on different layers of plastic drawers.
  • Unearth - Vinyl set in dirt.
  • Frozen - Vinyl frozen in ice, shot through glass.
  • Ill - Vinyl set in a brown paper towel, set in vaseline.
  • Equilibrium - Vinyl applied to the side of a mason jar. Smaller letters were cut and placed in the bottom of the jar. They were then stirred in water creating the abstract effect in the background.
  • The Show
    Selections from this photo series were displayed in a special sub-gallery at my MFA thesis show, Red: Little Red Riding Hood Re-imagined. This section was entitledExpressions in Typography