Exploring Stories iPhone App

Created: 01/07/13
Last Edited: 12/13/13
An iPhone app for travellers to Angkor Wat, with tools for learning more about Angkor Wat, planning a trip, and recording memories while there.
  • PROJECT BRIEF: Come up with an iPhone5 app (conduct user research, create audience personas, organize app structure, and design a series of wireframed heroflows) and design screenshots for all the important screens.
    The app is called "Exploring Stories" and the concept is a series of travel guides. This one focuses on Angkor Wat, and provides tools both pre-trip and during the trip. The main method of learning about Angkor Wat is three kinds of content—photographs, stories, and site descriptions—organized by geographic location and accessed by tapping different pins on the site map. Other functionalities include a packing/to-do list with helpful information about visas and vaccines, a personal profile that includes trip dates and favorited content, two ways of recording your trip including a simple journal interface and a "create a postcard" interface using your photographs that can be shared via email or social networks, and storing contact information for someone you meet with the option of geo-tagging where you met them.
    The visual style is a clean, modern, vectorized take on a vintage, dated look. A color scheme of tans, grays and greens was designed to evoke khaki and old-fashioned travel. Icons were kept very simple, but attention was paid to the details to give a pleasing three-dimensionality to the various buttons, input fields, and banners. 
    Navigation was given a sort of unique approach, with a pop up circle in the bottom left corner of the screen. It appears open on the landing screens, and on all other screens is accessed by tapping the small icon in the bottom left. When tapped, this mutes the screen and brings up the navigation icons, with a banner listing which one is currently selected.

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