Exploring Nicaragua

Created: 10/24/12
Last Edited: 10/27/12
Exploring the mountains of Nicaragua.
  • A beautiful but very poor country,Nicaragua is known for its exports, its mountain climate producesgreat coffee and its equatorial position parallel to Cuba (and themigration of cuban growers during the communist rise to power) giveit a well known tobacco industry.
  • A group of children from the small mountain town I stayed in happily introduce me to their Aunt, and a different way of thinking about, and dealing with death.
  • A thrompo, a simple top that the kids can do all kinds of tricks with.
  • One of the projects the peace corps had worked on is the fuel efficient ovens made from local materials that conserve heat and wood, reducing the need to cut timber.
  • The growing of corn and beans maintains the nitrogen balance of the soil, preventing fields from going fallow, and making the most of existing farmland so that additional land doesn't need to be deforested.
  • The family hosting us showing us how quahada (a soft cheese) is made.
  • Stilll green coffee beans at the Selva Negra coffee plantation
  • Work at the plantation is seasonal, and workers live in barracks while they are there.
  • The flower of the coffee plant

  • The cigar factory boss explaining the elaborate process of transforming a plant into a product.

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