Experimental Typography

Created: 05/22/13
Last Edited: 03/06/14
Concept _
Breaking the mold of emotionless
digital communication

Message _
Combining human emotion and computer technology
to make our modern life more personal and
connect to each other
  • [Experimental Typography]

    Without computer technology, we cannot live on these days. From big to small, we are dependent at every junction in life on computer technology. The main purpose of using technology is creating a life that is more convenient, in way we dreamed once. However, is it only advantages? Long time ago before the computer technology did not dominate the world, we wrote a letter or met others for social community. Emotions throughout the atmosphere were not always good, but they communicated with actual moods. 
    While creating a new art form, I’m giving a message of combining human emotions and computer tech
    to make our modern life more personal and connect with each other.
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