Created: 04/25/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Graphic Design Studio II
Junior Second Semester
  • Exonumia
    Collection Collective
  • Ex·o·nu·mi·a [ek-suh-noo-mee-uh, -nyoo-]
    Plural noun
    Items, as tokens or medals, to be traded and/or circulated.

    Exonumia is a place where die-hard collectors and new-comers alike can join together, and share their enthusiasm for commendations. The Collections page is where visitors can browse through the archive of user’s submitted commendations. The many search options allow for more efficient searches, and therefore more accurate results. Clicking on any commendation gives you more info about the item it self and its’ owner; this is where stories are shared.

    You can also stay connected with Exonumia on the go. Access all the same content as from the browser, any time, any place. The menu button takes you to the main menu where you can go back to the home feed page, view the collection, talk with the community, and read in depth new stories. The app also features a highly customizable search function. The account button takes you to your personal menu. Here, you can upload photos from your phone library, or take new photos straight from the app.

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