Exhibit Proposal for InterfacFLOR 2011 AIE Exhibit

  • Presentation of proposed exhibit design for InterfaceFLOR debut at the 2011 Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. Instead of using their stock corporate trade show exhibit system, a design recommendation was developed to be more aligned with their Skytile product brand for this all too important debut. 
  • As the experience unfolds, the first read should be the Interface brand, a sustainability leader breaking through into an industry devoid of truly green products from truly green companies. 
  • Second read: the sustainability leader from the commercial and residential carpet industry brings to aviation 100% sustainable product, Skytile. 
  • Skytile is not only 100% green, it's lighter, modular and lasts longer than conventional aviation carpet. 
  • This space should be designed to facilitate: 
    - start conversations and initiate new connections
    - introduce the Interface brand and Skytile product with the help of the new brochure 
    - use these new connections to build relationships via email addresses and the Skytiles website. 
  • Inspirational elements include the intelligent restraint and sophisticated austerity aesthetic of John Pawson and dramatically colorful imagery of nature. Combined, this should create a compelling, comfortable and open space to debut (not dominate) this new innovative product.