Evolution Candies

Created: 06/04/13
Last Edited: 09/29/13
Personal packaging project for a self-named company, Evolution Candies
  • This was a personal packaging project I worked on for a School of Visual Arts design class. The assignment was to take an instantly recognizable type of package, like an egg carton, and redesign it to hold something completely different. In this case, the original packaging was a coffee can, now used as gummy candy packaging.
    This turned into a series of gummy candy packaging that I called, Evolution Candies. The names are a little tongue-in-cheek -- (Like Shooting) Fish in a Barrel, Can of Worms and Barrel of Monkeys.
  • Evolution Candies packaging, front
  • Evolution Candies packaging, back
  • Original sketches and final illustrations for the Evolution Candy Critters.
  • Fish in a Barrel, front and back
  • Barrel of Monkeys, front and back

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