Erin & Ethan's Wedding Branding

  • Erin & Ethan
    Wedding logo for today and beyond
  • Erin and Ethan got engaged in Israel. However, their story does not begin there. Erin was always passionate in her Judaism from a child, to undergrad, post undergrad, to grad. Every career Erin has had is connected in to her Jewish roots in one way or another. After studying Jewish Studies at Columbia University, she traveled to Mumbai, India and to Turkey. That is where she met her Jewish "cousins" and taught them Israeli dancing and Hebrew classes. Ethan's story began in Wisconsin and later also studied Jewish Studies at Oberlin College. While Erin was at Tel Aviv University, she met Ethan, who was studying to be a Rabbi at The Jewish Theological Seminary. Now that you know more about my clients, while speaking to them about their wedding theme, Erin and Ethan said they wanted to incorporate as much Israel and Judaism into their logo as possible. I was so inspired by our meeting that I started the logo right away and this is the result. Both of their names start with the letter 'E' in English, and the letter 'Aleph' in Hebrew. I wanted to unify the parts even more, so I joined the ampersand with a drop. The drop symbolizes Israel because honey is a prevalent food in Israel. Also, since Erin and Ethan's unified stories began in Israel, there is no better way toe employ their connection than to join the two then honey.

    The books with the logo application were not designed by me, but seeing the logo in its final form is a great way to get the feel for the branding.