Environmental Defense Fund Web and Exhibition Design

  • Integrated user interface and exhibition display design
    Extending the brand for a non-profit campaign to the web and the convention hall
  • Fenton Communications approached us to create a web interface and exhibition display for the Environmental Defense Fund's Catch Shares program. Catch Shares are a scientifically-proven, economically viable way to manage fisheries around the world to ensure sustainable fisheries and economic success for the fishermen that depend upon them.

    Fenton provided initial art direction in the form of a set of brochures that had already been created for the Catch Shares program. We extended the visual identity of the program's materials to a "Take Action" page interface that would be used by the EDF for getting people involved and keeping them informed. We worked closely with Fenton and their client to ensure that the images selected, color, form, and style were all appropriate to the message. We also created custom social sharing icons for the interface. Once the user interface was created, it was translated into code by the client.

     We were then asked to create two rollup-style banner displays that could be used by the EDF at various outreach events. These displays are portable and easy for one person to carry, and are scratch, weather, and dustproof. We based the design on the visual language used in the web interface, and assisted in writing headline and title copy as well. We put Fenton in touch with our fabricator and assisted in managing the production process as well.
  • The user interface template, complete with the calls to action graphics we created, and the social sharing tool icons
  • The call to action banner graphic we created. This also involved a lot of photoshop work to extend the background horizontally to accommodate the design.
  • The social sharing icons we created match the tone, color palette, and mood of the interface.
  • The display banners (both shown here) are about eight feet tall and nearly three feet wide. They are designed for visual impact at a distance, with more specific messaging in smaller type for those who approach the display.